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RiteLife Services Inc.

We Are A Recovery Community Organization

This is the Place to Breathe, Rest, Be the Best You...we will meet you where you are...and love you through it...

Rite Life Services Inc. 503 (C) (3) non profit organization

Our Mission

RiteLife Services, Inc. is a Peer service agency created for any person seeking recovery and resources to sustain an independent life. We offer effective resources from caring and well-trained persons with lived experience, Certified Recovery Peer Specialists (CRPS). Our passion for community ensures that we provide the highest quality of care in a safe environment, and that we honor each individual in their personal journey.


We have an experienced team of individuals with decades of lived experience in mental health and substance abuse but also in recovery to provide personal, powerful and transformative services and support to individuals in our community.


 We strive to provide services that are 100% tailored to you and create a “you-centered” experience. We believe each person is unique and beautiful in their own way. Because the body, soul, and mind are connected, the connection to Peer Services is the LifeLine you have been searching for.

You Create Your Services.... let us know what you need

Our services are abundant and free…….. This is about what you need, the way you desire your life to be. …. in recovery…. however recovery looks for you….

To create a “unique you experience” you will guide us in the services you feel that you need to live your best life.

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Our Programs are at no cost to you and are designed by people who are using drugs or persons who formerly used drugs, persons with mental illness, persons who live outside, persons who are incarcerated, and persons who are recovering. You create our Programs to best fit your needs.

Support Groups

Ritelife Services list of support groups. If you do not see one that’s listed that doesn’t mean we don’t support it. It just means that our website developer had not added it yet 😉

Coming Soon, yoga, meditation, and what is mental illness recovery?

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Outreach teams

We have two Outreach Teams that cover Martin & Okeechobee Counties and another that cover St Lucie & Indian River Counties. These Outreach Teams search to engage people who use drugs, people with mental illness, and people who are living outside.

Ritelife Support Group Meetings Schedule

Here you will find all of our RiteLife scheduled group support meetings. Just check the calendar for any given day for times and locations and remember you can always call if you have trouble finding what you’re looking for.

Okeechobee RCO Ritelife Services Meeting Room

Group Meetings

Weekend Meetings

AA Meetings

NA Meetings

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Hendry, Okeechobee and Glades Consortium

Funded through the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration’s Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (HOGOC) is focusing on the following goals over the next three years.

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